Based on the eponymous novel of the same name, A Monster Calls is a dark fantasy drama that tells four stories at once. In the center of the story is a boy named Conor, whose mother is terminally ill. He’s visited by a monster one time, which promises to tell him three stories in the following nights. According to the critics, A Monster Calls is an emotional drama definitely worth watching. In fact, the movie is very well rated on IMDB and other movie review websites.

Apart from the story line, the film is also praised by the acting. It’s not a surprise given that some of the best actors of our era appear in the movie, starting with Liam Neeson, who plays the role of the tree-like monster. Felicity Jones plays Conor’s dying mother, while the role of his grandmother was given to Sigourney Weaver. The daughter of the legendary comedian, Charlie Chaplin, Geraldine, also appears in the movie, playing the role of Conor’s teacher.

The Stories of A Monster Calls Movie

Conor O'Malley is a boy whose nightmares are caused by the fact that his mother has a terminal illness. On top of that, he constantly feels pressured by his strict grandmother and misses his estranged father. Having a bully harass him in school is certainly not helping. One night, a nightmare awakes him only to encounter a tree like monster. The two make a deal – the monster will tell Conor three true stories, while in return, the boy must tell him what keeps ruining his sleep. The first story the monster tells Conor is about a struggle for the throne between a young prince and his stepmother, who turns out to be a witch. The second story is about an apothecary who gets out of work, when a parson calls his congregation for a boycott. When parson’s daughters get sick, he needs to beg the apothecary for forgiveness. The final story that the monster tells to Conor is about an invisible man who cherishes visibility. After telling all three stories, it’s time for the boy to tell his.

How to Watch A Monster Calls

If the plot seems interesting, you can watch A Monster Calls online or in a cinema. If you decide to watch it at home, you won’t need to pay anything. All you will need is to click Play on A Monster Calls stream in your internet browser.

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